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What to Do When You're Locked Out of the House

What to Do When You're Locked Out of the House?

What to do in case you find yourself locked out of your house? This is a question that resonates with many homeowners. Home security understandably holds a significant spot in the minds of those who own homes. However, what do you do if you’re in a situation where you’re standing outside your own house, unable to get in? It’s not just frustrating but also rather inconvenient. Interestingly, this tends to happen at the most inconvenient times – like during heavy rain or right when you’re dealing with a headache, and suddenly your child needs to use the bathroom urgently.

But no need to worry, there are a few strategies you can use to tackle this situation and regain access to your locked home, even if you don’t have your key on hand.

6 Essential Tips to When You’re Locked Out of the House

1. Reach Out to a Household Member

Whenever you find yourself locked out, one of the easiest solutions is reaching out to someone living with you – this could include your spouse, children, roommate, or anyone else sharing the living space – they could likely have an extra key at home that can unlock it quickly and easily for you. Call them up or send a text message and check whether they can help!

2. Contact a Family Member or Friend with a Spare Key

Remember the friend or relative who helped watch your place while you were on vacation? If they lent out your spare key, now could be the time to call them back – it could be their saving grace in an emergency situation! Just a quick message explaining your situation might lead them to rush over with both key and help!

3. Rental Advantage

If you’re living in a rented space, this could be a fortunate turn of events. Landlords and apartment managers usually have access to spare keys. This is one of the perks of renting, as it provides a reliable backup plan if you ever find yourself locked out. So, dig up that rental agreement or contact information and reach out to them for assistance. They’ll likely have dealt with similar situations before and can swiftly provide you with a solution.

4. Call a Locksmith

When time is of the essence or you prefer not to waste any more time, a locksmith is your best bet. They can unlock your door without causing damage. The cost can vary, with an average of around $156, potentially higher based on your location and the time of the call.

If you’re in Kansas City, your best call would be KeyChain Locksmith. They’re renowned for their 24/7 assistance. If you’re unsure about finding a trustworthy locksmith, and you don’t have a personal recommendation, consider looking online for locksmiths with certifications. Also, remember to verify if they are licensed, especially if it’s a requirement in your state (15 states have this mandate).

5. Check for Open Windows or Back Door

Remember, it’s important to lock all entry points when leaving your house. However, if you left a window or back door unlocked, you might be in luck. While not a guaranteed solution, it’s worth a shot. Once you’re back inside, be sure to thoroughly inspect your home to ensure nothing is missing.

6. Last-Resort Break-In

Reserve this option for the absolute last-ditch effort, as it might raise eyebrows if people see you attempting it. If you’ve exhausted other avenues like finding your key or locating a locksmith, this could be your last option. The approach you take will depend on the type of lock and doorknob you have. With a credit card, debit card, or even bobby pins, it’s possible to unlock the door – but be cautious.

And now? If you ever face a lockout situation again, make sure you have a plan in place that doesn’t involve attempting a break-in. It’s always better to be prepared.

Technology-Driven Home Security Solutions

In today’s modern world, smart home security solutions have completely revolutionized how we protect our homes. When it comes to avoiding lockouts, these new ideas offer proactive approaches. Imagine being able to lock/unlock doors from your phone receiving alerts if the door remains unlocked, or using smart doorbells equipped with cameras to see visitors coming and speak with them as needed before giving access. 

Plus remote access systems let you provide temporary codes without physical keys being necessary – all this makes your home safer while making life simpler overall! By exploring these advances further you can not only prevent lockouts but also make your home more secure while making life simpler as a result!

Lockouts and Home Safety

Being locked out is more than an inconvenience. It’s also an eye-opener to the importance of home safety. In such an instance, unconventional ways may arise to gain entry and make your property less secure. That’s why having strong safety measures installed such as deadbolts on door frames, proper locks on windows, and motion-sensor lights around your property are all vitally important steps in order to prevent lockouts while simultaneously making your living space safer.

Taking these steps will help avoid lockouts while making your home even safer than before for both of you and them alike!

Communication Is Key

Communicate often about where spare keys are, who has access to them, and how you plan to handle an emergency lockout can prevent minor inconveniences from becoming major headaches. Hold open discussions with family or housemates regarding spare key locations and emergency plans so all are on the same page and reduce chances of lockouts through regular discussions. 

Additionally, it would be prudent to have one designated spot for all keys so everyone knows where they’re kept safely – creating a more peaceful living situation in general.

What to Do When You're Locked Out of the House

Knowing what not to do when you’re locked out of your home is crucial. It’s essential to steer clear of drastic actions like kicking your door or resorting to throwing a stone through a window – both of which can lead to personal injuries and a substantial repair bill, often outweighing the expense of hiring a professional locksmith.

Should you find yourself locked out, avoid using 911 unless you’re facing a real emergency, such as a fire. Law enforcement and the fire department aren’t equipped to assist in lockout situations.

In the event you spot an open window on an upper floor, resist the urge to attempt potentially hazardous methods like using a ladder or climbing onto the roof. These actions carry a high risk of injury. Instead, practice patience and wait for a qualified professional locksmith to arrive. Their expertise and tools are your safest and most reliable route to regaining access to your home.