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How Much Does a Locksmith Cost

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

A locksmith can assist you whether you need to replace the locks on your new house or unlock your car. They are available around the clock. However, you may have to pay extra for emergency services after regular hours. But how much does a locksmith cost? The average cost to hire a locksmith in the United States is around $150. The price will vary depending on the specific services you require and the timing of the service.

Locksmith Cost

Locksmiths charge between $50 and $75 per hour or charge per lock, with a flat rate for the visit. A locksmithing service can cost as low as $50, or as high as $400, depending on several factors.

  • Emergency Services: You’ll be charged extra for services provided at night and on weekends.
  • Lock Type: Electronic locks are more expensive to install, repair, and open than manual locks.
  • Service: There is a significant price difference between rekeying a house and opening a car.
  • Trip Fees: You will typically pay an agreed-upon fee for a visit by a locksmith. This may be more expensive in rural areas or out-of-the-way places.

Locksmith Cost Factors

How do locksmiths decide how much to charge?

Electronic Locks

The most expensive locks to repair or replace are electronic locks. These locks range from simple keypads to sophisticated smart-home devices which can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth or WiFI. According to, here’s the cost of locks.

Lock Type

Price range











The simplest electronic locks are usually keypads. The lock opens with a programmable code. Biometric locks are controlled by some form of physical identification. Usually, this is a fingerprint. Bluetooth and WiFi locks can be controlled from a mobile phone or other device. WiFi locks can also be operated anywhere that has an internet connection. RFID locks can also be controlled by a key fob and will unlock when the fob is near.


Lockouts seem to occur at odd hours. You’ll pay more for services after hours, as most locksmiths do. Emergency locksmiths may charge $150-$250 per hour or an additional service fee.

Trip Fee

A locksmith will have to come to you. The company may charge an upfront fee for each visit to your house or vehicle. The time of the day can affect trip fees. Costs will be higher, for example, during rush hours or on weekends and nights. The cost of a locksmith’s service may be determined by the distance he has to travel in order to reach you.

Service Type

Price is largely determined by the type of locksmith service that you require. Total cost is determined by the difficulty and length of time required to complete the work and the number of locks that need to be serviced. Here are some price ranges that you can expect from an auto locksmith.

Car Service

Price range

Car door rekey

$80-$850 per door

Car ignition rekey


Car key cutting


Car keypad replacement


Car lockout


Car lock change

$50-$900 per lock

Locksmiths usually charge more for standard locks. You can find out how much most services cost.

Home Locksmith Service

Price range

Change house locks

$50-$200 per lock

Deadbolt installation

$40-$350 per door

Repairing door locks


Installation of electronic locks


Home lockout


Key duplication


Key extraction


Open safe


Rekey locks


How Much Does a Locksmith Cost

Locksmith Service Costs

The time and skills required for different locksmith services are also different. A locksmith apprentice can perform some simple jobs, but more complex tasks require a master. If you need a new lock, you’ll have to pay both for the materials and labor.

Changing Home Locks

If you are moving into a house for the first time, worried about a lost key or dealing with a burglary’s aftermath, changing locks can improve your home’s security. For this work, a locksmith can charge between $50 and $75 per hour.

A master locksmith could cost as much as $125 an hour. They may also charge between $20 and $80 per lock, plus a trip cost. Overall, a new locking system can cost anywhere between $50 and $300. Costs are higher for deadbolts and garage-door locks.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial locksmiths are more expensive because they have to deal with heavier doors and locks. Lockouts at businesses cost between $70-$200. Installation of new locks can cost between $150 and $450, depending on how complex the system is.

Installing Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts provide an additional layer of security for exterior doors. Installing them is dependent on the type of deadbolt. Simple cylindrical deadbolts range from $40 to $60, while cylindrical lever locks are $50 to $70 and mortise lock costs $75-$125. Locksmiths charge between $40 and $75 for additional labor. However, they may charge only $20 if the door is already being changed.

Installing Electronic Locks

The cost to upgrade your entire house will depend on the type of electronic lock you select and how many locks you require. Installation of electronic locks can cost between $100 and $500 depending on the complexity. The cost of installing a smart home security system is up to $2,000

Key Duplication

Locksmiths are able to cut special keys, such as dimpled and two-sided keys, for between $1 and $10 per key. You’ll need to visit the dealer if you want a duplicate car transponder or fob to operate your smart-home locks. The cost is $75 to $400 per key.

Key Extraction

A key will not usually break in a lock. However, a locksmith must be called to remove it. The extraction will cost between $50 and $200, plus additional fees for after-hours service.

Rekeying an Automobile

If your car keys are lost or no longer work, it’s uncommon to replace the lock. An auto locksmith can rekey old locks to make them only work with a new one. It costs between $30 and $50 per lock. Rekeying an ignition costs between $50 and $150.

Rekey Home Locks

Rekeying the locks of a home will make it so that old keys are no longer functional. It is usually cheaper and quicker than replacing locks, while still providing the same level of security. Rekeying is not covered by a warranty. Rekeying is done by the locksmith who repositions pins in the tumbler of the lock and cuts a key to open it. The locksmith may charge a flat rate of between $70-$160 or an hourly fee.

Safe Locksmith

Locksmiths can work on both manual and electronic safes. The cost of replacing a safe lock, or upgrading it to an electronic lock is between $50 and $150. Manually opening a safe can start at $150, but it could cost up to $250-$450 when drilling is required.

House Unlocking 

If you are locked out of your home, a locksmith will charge between $50 and $200 (including travel fees) – usually. Service after hours and in an emergency will cost you more.


DIY vs. Hiring a Locksmith

In some situations, handy homeowners can change or install their locks themselves. In other situations, a locksmith’s expertise and tools are required.

Professional Locksmiths

Locksmithing is a certified, licensed trade. Master locksmiths are required to work for more than 10 years and receive specialist training in order to earn their title. If you have a complicated lock or need the highest level of security, it’s best to hire a pro.

A professional will know how to install a heavy, strong lock without compromising the frame or door. A professional locksmith will also be able to advise you on which locks are best for your desired security level.

Even a simple car lockout is a good reason to hire a professional auto locksmith. You’ll damage your car if you try to put a slim jim or coat hanger into the window frame. Moreover, car locks and doors are so complex and varied that it is difficult to replace them on your own.

DIY Locksmithing

A simple manual door lock can be purchased at a local hardware store for between $5 and $25. It is easily replaced with a screwdriver. If the lock is a different type or size, you may need to use a power tool, Allen wrench, or other tools. Rekeying kits are available online for between $10 and $75. It takes more time to replace a lock than rekeying. However, it is possible.


When Do You Need to Hire a Locksmith?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it’s time to contact a locksmith.

  • You have locked yourself out of the house or car
  • If you’ve lost or given your keys to someone who no longer wants access to your house, then it is time to replace them.
  • You just moved to a new house
  • New or upgraded locks will give you greater peace of mind
  • The keys to your lock no longer work
  • A key is missing from a lock
  • You are looking to upgrade your smart home system to include electronic locks


How to Save on Locksmith Services

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on a locksmith. Here are some tips to help you save.

  • You can save money by replacing a deadbolt or a door lock yourself.
  • If you are locked out of your vehicle, call roadside assistance. This is especially important if you find yourself in an area that’s remote or dangerous. They will be able to recommend reputable local locksmiths.
  • When possible, rekey locks rather than changing them.
  • Replace damaged keys as soon as possible.
  • If you require more than one service, such as rekeying or deadbolt installation, ask about package deals.
  • Beware of scams. Research is important.
  • Contact a professional like Keychain Locksmith.


Final Thoughts

When facing an urgent locksmith situation in or near Kansas City, consider reaching out to Keychain Locksmith Services. Prioritize recommendations from friends and family, and verify the locksmith’s strong Better Business Bureau rating, appropriate insurance, and state licensing if necessary. To be ready for emergencies, make sure to save Keychain Locksmith Services’ contact number at (816)354-0700 on your cellphone.