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Can a Locksmith Open a Safe

Can a Locksmith Open a Safe?

Can a locksmith open a safe? A safe can be locked by its owner in different situations, and this article is all about how professional locksmiths can open a locked safe and make it work like new again. When it comes to safes you buy at big stores, it’s surprisingly easy for anyone to get into them using simple tools like tin cutters or magnets.

But for high-quality safes, it’s better to hire a professional. When you hire a skilled locksmith who knows about safes, you can make sure your safe stays in good shape.

Locksmiths know how to open safes when you forget the combination or it stops working. They can also fix safes with problems like a broken dial or keypad, or if there’s something wrong with the door. Depending on the situation, locksmiths use methods like replacing parts, adjusting the dial, or drilling to open the safe safely.

How Locksmiths Open Safes If the Combination Has Stopped Working

The safe locksmith will need to diagnose the cause of the problem. The combination could no longer work for several reasons.

  1. Batteries are low. Batteries can often be charged to the point where they will light up or sound when you press a key. They lack the power needed to open the safe. Before calling a locksmith, you can try replacing the batteries.
  2. There is a problem with the keypad. One of the numbers may not be registering. This problem can be solved by replacing the faceplate on many new digital safe locks. You can ask your local locksmith for the part you require.
  3. The safe may need to be drilled if the electronic lock is not working

How Locksmiths Open Safes If the Dial Combination Has Stopped Working

Over time, combination dial locks may become damaged. Over time, lubrication can wear out, dust, and dirt will be introduced and the numbers that open the safe may drift from the center of the dial.

The safe will not open if the lock body gate is not aligned.

To keep your lock in top condition, it is important to have the combination lock maintained by a locksmith every few years.

When presented with a dial-safe, the safe cracker may attempt to open it by drift-dialing the combination.

If the combination is 10-20-30, they can start with values close to those numbers, and gradually increase them to larger values.

It is faster to use if it works than drilling a safety, but it may not work at all, as the issue could not be moving. You can do this without risking further damage to the safe. 

If you gain access to your safe, make sure it is serviced so that the problem does not recur.

How Locksmiths Open Safes If the Lock Has Failed or There Is No Combination

Locksmiths are trained to open safes when the combination is lost, the lock is broken, or the door mechanism fails. Before resorting to drilling, they may try other methods if the combination is lost. Sometimes, the safe company can reset or override an electronic lock, but locksmiths usually need to contact the safe company to obtain the necessary information and verify the ownership of the safe. They will attempt to get an override for electronic locks or try to open the dial combination before resorting to drilling.

Drilling as a Last Resort

If all else fails, the locksmith will open the safe by drilling. This also applies to combination locks that cannot be opened through manipulation. With the right certifications and training, locksmiths can determine specific drilling points for a safe. These points are closely guarded and cannot be disclosed without the locksmith’s approval. By drilling a small hole, usually less than 1/4 inch, the locksmith gains access to the interior of the safe. They can use a video scope or lighted scope to view the mechanical components and bypass the lock.

Once the safe is opened, the drill hole can be filled with steel rods and cut flush. The lock body or dial can be replaced, restoring the safe to its original condition and ensuring the protection of your valuables.

If drill points cannot be found, the locksmith can still open the safe, but it may take longer. They will rely on their experience to drill the safe multiple times in an attempt to locate a spot where they can see the mechanics.

Considerations and Costs

It’s worth mentioning that the services of a safe-cracking locksmith may come at a higher price compared to other locksmith services. This is due to their expertise, training, and sometimes licensing or membership requirements. 

It’s not uncommon for people who are locked out of lower-end safes to end up paying more to open them than the safes are actually worth. This is especially true for cheap safes sold in big-box stores that have plastic walls instead of metal. In such cases, the locksmith may use brute force to gain entry at a lower cost, allowing you to upgrade to a more secure safe or purchase a new one at a lower price.

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