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Can a Locksmith Open a House Door

Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

You’re locked out of your house, whether it’s a cozy condo, a stunning apartment, or a spacious family home. It doesn’t matter if you have top-notch locks or subpar security measures in place. Perhaps you’ve misplaced your key or encountered a broken lock. In this frustrating predicament, you might find yourself asking, “Can a locksmith open a house door?” The answer is a resounding yes. A locksmith possesses the expertise and tools necessary to gain access to your home. If you are located in Kansas City, MO, you’ve come to the right place!

House Lockout FAQs

Can a locksmith enter my home?

You can hire a Kansas City locksmith to provide lockout services if you find yourself locked out of your house. A professional locksmith will find a solution to help you get back into your home, whether it’s a condominium, apartment, or house.

What is the cost of having a locksmith unlock your home door?

The starting price of a locksmith for a home lockout starts at $50 to $380 depending on the situation. The final prices for locksmiths are determined by the type and number of locks. This affects how much time, what tools, and skills it takes to open the lock.

What locks can’t be opened by a professional locksmith?

Locksmiths know that any lock can be opened at some point, but it is not always practical to do so in a professional environment. Locksmiths use a variety of lock-opening procedures to ensure that locks can be opened efficiently and quickly.

How long will it take a locksmith to open a door lock at home?

A locksmith will typically take 20 minutes to open a home’s door. The number of locks, as well as the level of security of each lock, will determine the amount of time it takes a locksmith to open a door. For example, you can rake open a low-security lock within a minute, while drilling several high-security locks could take a long time.

Do locksmiths have to break the lock on a home to get it open?

Locksmiths will try to avoid damaging locks, but in some cases, they will need to open them destructively. The locksmith will never leave you with a non-working lock in these cases.

What should I do if my house key is missing?

When you don’t have the key to your house, our Kansas City locksmith can help. A locksmith can decode locks and make new keys using codes or rekeying locks if it’s more advantageous. Even if the locksmith has to replace your locks, they can find a solution for you.


To open a door, a locksmith must first determine why the lock won’t open and what the best solution is. You can tell the locksmith if the lock works and if the key is in good condition, but you need to come up with a solution.

If you’re uncertain about a lock being broken, it’s worth considering that it might just be stuck. Applying some lock lubricant can help the key open the lock that wasn’t working before. If this doesn’t solve the problem, a locksmith can explain other options to help you.

Your locksmith will let you know how much it would cost to open your house during the assessment. The estimated cost of the service will be accompanied by the estimated time required to complete it. This may include the replacement of locks if the locks have to be damaged in order to open them.

Lock Picking

Traditional lock picking is the most effective and non-destructive way to open a lock. If you ask “Can a locksmith open a house door” you’re probably looking for someone who knows how to pick locks in order to avoid an expensive lock change.

Lock picking is not the fastest or most efficient way to open a lock. Most houses still use the basic lock you can find at Home Depot and do not have any pick-resistant locks, such as paracentric keyways or security pins.

Lock Bypasses

You may have to interact with a door lock without a keyway if you’re locked in your bathroom, or locked in a bedroom. It is not possible to use traditional lock picking as it needs a keyhole. Your locksmith may instead be able to use a bypass method.

You can sometimes find out on your own how to open a door with an interior lock that is not very secure. There are some locks that are so safe, that professional equipment has been designed for them.

Locksmiths have access to specialized tools, which aren’t worth the money for the average person. The locksmiths are also well-trained to make the most of these tools.

Destructive Entry

While “destructive entry” may sound intimidating, it’s a valid and respectable method for a locksmith to open a house door. This involves intentionally damaging the lock so that it can no longer keep the door closed. The locksmith may choose to drill the lock or cut the bolt.

To prevent cutting, some locks have shielding or hardened bolts, along with pins that resist drilling. Locksmiths are knowledgeable about the specific points where drilling can be done, allowing them to open the lock using these techniques.

It’s important to note that locksmiths consider destructive entry as a last resort. The damage will be limited to the lock itself. Once you replace the lock, there will be no visible signs of any damage.

Making Keys

The lock typically has a unique code that is registered. In the case of a patented lock, a locksmith can either request or create a key specifically designed for that lock. Once you have a functioning key, you won’t be locked out anymore.

In rare situations, a locksmith may determine that it’s best to decode a lock by using a process called lock imprinting. This involves using the factory code to cut a new key on specialized key-cutting machines.

If it’s not possible to make a new key for the lock, it’s still helpful to have a local locksmith who can create a replacement key. This allows the lock to be opened, and the code needed to make a new key can be obtained.

Final Thoughts - Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

A locksmith can indeed open a house door through various methods, including lock lubrication, destructive entry as a last resort, decoding with lock imprinting, or obtaining the lock’s registered code to create a new key. Locksmiths possess the expertise and tools necessary to address lock-related issues professionally and efficiently. Consulting a trusted locksmith can provide the solutions needed to regain access to your home.

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