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Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key?

Can a locksmith make a car key? Yes, a locksmith can make a new car key for you. You should keep in mind a few things, especially proving that you own the car.

You can also get a replacement key from a car dealership, but it might cost you extra to tow your car there. Most of the time, the dealership will charge you more for a locksmith’s service compared to what they would charge if you went directly to them. Going to the dealership is the better option in this case.

Why Choose an Automotive Locksmith?

Dealerships frequently hire locksmiths, making it more cost-effective to hire an automotive locksmith directly. In many instances, these locksmiths can complete the same work at half the price and make a 50% profit margin!

Going directly to a dealership will cost more in terms of both money and time; also consider that towing can cost an estimated minimum of $500!

Locksmiths can be an economical and time-efficient choice when it comes to making car keys and choosing them can save both money and time. Locksmiths specialize in creating new keys quickly – coming directly to you so no towing charges apply! And unlike dealerships, locksmiths are typically quicker – meaning more use of your car faster! 

When in need of new car keys, locksmiths are a sensible solution that’s both time-saving and wallet-friendly. So next time you require replacement keys for your vehicle consider opting for this affordable alternative when in need of new keys!

You Don’t Need the Original Key

Automotive locksmiths typically possess the tools and knowledge to create new keys from information gleaned from scanning your vehicle, though having your original key can speed up and lessen costs associated with making copies.

But, if the original key has been lost, an automotive locksmith will need to acquire its key code from your car – each car has its own individual key code. A wireless FOB can help the locksmith do this task but will require more details and proof of ownership before they can generate new keys for you.

What Kind of Replacement Key Will You Need?

When you need a new car key, the first thing to figure out is what kind of key you require. If your car was made before 1981, a standard block key might be all you need.

Newer car models, on the other hand, use transponder keys. These keys have special chips for added security. Even if you cut these keys, they won’t start your car unless they’re properly programmed.

Then there are smart keys, which are different. They’re like remote controls, not your typical keys. They look more like a key fob attached to your car and don’t need the usual ignition keys to work.

What Will Your Locksmith Need to Know?

To get a new key, you should know your car’s model, year, and make. It’s also important to prove that you own the car, so have your vehicle registration or title ready. Your locksmith will need the vehicle identification number (VIN).

You can find the VIN on the driver’s doorpost or a metal plate on the dashboard. It’s also in your car’s manual, but you might not always need it. If you think your keys were stolen, let the locksmith know. In that case, the locksmith will need to reprogram the car to make sure the old keys can’t be used.

Should You Worry About a Tow Service?

To get an emergency locksmith to come to you, you’ll need to provide your address or nearby street names. Our locksmiths use the latest technology to program or cut smart keys and make new ones. It doesn’t matter where you are or what type of vehicle you have; we can assist you. Our skilled professionals can also help with keys for motorcycles, scooters, vans, and trucks.

Losing or damaging your only car key can be really stressful. Keychain Locksmith of Kansas City, MO can help you quickly in emergencies. You can trust that our experts are trained to work with nearly any car model, and they won’t harm your vehicle while making a new key. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we’re here when you need us.

How Do I Get Replacement Ignition Keys for My Car?

Before the locksmith comes, they’ll want to know what type of ignition key your car uses. It’s crucial to know if your car has a regular key, a transponder key, or some other type. Giving them the right info is important to avoid extra costs. Some locksmiths include their travel time in the price. If you give them incorrect details, they could have to return back to their shop, potentially incurring further expenses for you.

Holding on to your VIN and proof of ownership can also be crucial. Auto locksmiths can use your VIN as proof of ownership to locate the right key for your car. They’ll use key code extraction from your engine area to create new keys based on this VIN number. Ideally, you should find your VIN either on your dashboard or engine area. You should call an auto locksmith immediately for assistance.

Making a duplicate key takes longer than making a replacement key. The car locksmith can use your VIN to look in their database and find the right key for your car. If needed, they can also program the new key. It’s a good idea to ask for a copy of the new key to avoid future problems.

How Does a Locksmith Program an Ignition Key?

Transponder keys are mainly used in newer cars. These keys have a small electronic chip inside the key head. When you put the key into the ignition, this chip deactivates the engine immobilizer, allowing the engine to start. Even if you turn the key in the ignition, the car won’t start without the right chip.

So, once the locksmith figures out the right key and chip based on your vehicle info, they’ll program the transponder. 

  • Key cloning is the first step. The key manufactured is an exact replica of both the physical key cut and the data stored in the transponder.
  • Next, the program is applied to the car key. The car locksmith will use specialized equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

After that, the locksmith connects your key to a computer with special software. These tools work with most car makes and models, but not every car. With this setup, the locksmith can remove old keys or make new ones.

An Automotive Locksmith is Available to Help You Anytime

Most established automotive locksmiths provide 24-hour services, meaning they’re ready to assist any time of day or night compared with car dealerships that typically only operate for limited hours. Although not required to offer emergency services, many locksmiths provide them as part of their offering.

Experienced locksmiths are ready and waiting to create a key or help unlock your car, but will require proof that it belongs to you first.

As soon as you contact a locksmith, they’ll need some details about your vehicle such as its type, location, and VIN (vehicle identification number). Once verified that it belongs to you and that assistance is indeed needed, a team will come out quickly.


When it comes to getting a new car key, the cost can vary, from a few bucks to a bit more, especially if your car’s security involves fancy tech stuff. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t worry. Just give an automotive locksmith a call for expert help.

If you’re in Kansas City, MO, and need a reliable automotive locksmith, KeyChain Locksmith is here for you. Our team of skilled locksmiths is ready to assist with all your car key needs, like making new keys or programming them. We offer quick and dependable service to get you back on the road in no time. 

Contact KeyChain Locksmith in Kansas City, MO, today for all your automotive locksmith needs.

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